Here are images that show how

we can create representations of

your local terrain, buildings and

features in our wet activity areas:


Here are a few of the many different

exterior looks we can create (can also

include murals, photos, graphics, etc.):

Free Consultations:

We provide free consultation services

to Science Centers, Children's Museums,

Technology Centers, Aquariums and similar facilities. We can work with

you to create special water exhibits

with the content that you desire.

When young visitors enter beneath this tall clear dome, the rainfall impacts right in front of their noses and atop their heads - but they do not get wet!

My modular exhibits are deeply

engaging, very intriguing, and

teach many educational lessons.

To receive more complete descriptions

of the activities on these beautiful and easily expandable exhibits, please do

email me at:    tom@tomegan.net

or call me at:      1-785-342-5886

Here is a picture of the two

incredible women who are at

my side, supporting me and

encouraging me always, my

wonderful Mom and my lovely wife.


A Special Picture

No need to connect my water

exhibits to your building's

plumbing, unless you want to.

This is what a child sees as they enter underneath the dome:

We can customize these to include

your local terrain and buildings!


Just fill with a garden hose. Exhibits filter and treat the water every circulation. In a week or so, drain through a garden hose, clean & refill.

You can trade-in any of my water 

exhibits on larger water exhibits

of mine at any time in the future.


Here is photo of a small part of the

terrain that we have created. What

would you like your terrain to include?

Modular Water Exhibits

Here is a series of changing images

that shows how my modular exhibits

can grow at any time in the future:

We can customize these to include

your local terrain and buildings!