No need to connect my water

exhibits to your building's

plumbing, unless you want to.

You can trade-in my water 

exhibits on larger water exhibits

of mine at any time in the future.

When a visitor holds the cloud symbol over the bright sun symbol (located on each of the cloud support columns), they cause a prodigious amount of

rain to fall from their half of the cloud.

Through cooperation with another visitor, they together can create double 

the amount of rain falling into the lake.

When visitors open the lake gates to release lots of water into the natural terrain, my lake miracously always discharges an amazing amount of water, never running out of water, even when no rain is falling! Yet when all lake gates are closed with no rain falling, the lake appears very calm.

This is some of my artistry with water. When 2 visitors are creating rain, the flow out of the lake is doubled! They then create a huge flood that overwhelms the natural terrain downstream! Visitors love causing this. They also enjoy changing water flow throughout the natural terrain by changing the 7 gates located throughout the rest of the exhibit! 

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you to create special water exhibits

with the content that you desire.

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