Here is Kate Arrizza, C.O.O. of the South

Florida Science Center and Aquarium.

 She is thrilled with my water exhibit,

and is certain that it will be the most popular exhibit in their entire facility!

Demonstrates the accessibility 

of my water exhibits.

You can add extensions onto this water exhibit at any time.  The images below shows you some possible options:

Many color schemes available

(1 possible color is shown above)

Stainless Steel look shown below



This is Lew Crampton, C.E.O, on

his day off, coming in to spend

more time with my water exhibit!

"Fire-Fighter!" Extension

"Deluge" Extension

This Last Video


Here is one of my TFX water

exhibits on permanent display

in a Center in New Delhi, India,

where it has been for many years.

A Traveling TFX

Here is one of my TFX water exhibits

that has traveled to multiple facilities

across North America. My water art

work is available for lease or purchase.

The next two videos show visitors in

West Palm Beach, Florida, on another of

my "Thoughts Flow, Expandable" exhibits.

Thoughts Flow Water Exhibits

From Tokyo, Japan to New Delhi, India.


The passion with which visitors of all ages become deeply engaged is gifted from within my water art work.

My "Thoughts Flow" water exhibits are in permanent galleries around the world.

From near the Artic Circle in Fairbanks, Alaska, to an island in the Caribbean,

and all across the USA and Canada.

Show the top Executives of the

55 year old South Florida Science

Center and Aquarium.  Do you think

they know very much about water?

These Next 2 Videos


Firefighter (shown above) is all high

overhead, except for the handles that

visitors rotate it with.

Each window's fake "flames" go out

after water arrives there for 30 sec.,

each restart in 2 min.

  Extinguisher delivers a smooth

laminar stream of water out of the

fire extinguisher nozzle ONLY when

visitors point it directly at a window.

 When pointed anywhere else, water

flow cuts off instantly, meaning NO

water exits the nozzle.

New Delhi, India


Notice the level of concentraton on the fully focused young face above?


The first two videos show visitors on my "Thoughts Flow, Expandable" water exhibit

at the new, beautiful, very large OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona.

The next video shows an 84 yr old visitor playing on my "Thoughts Flow,

Expandable" water exhibit with all of the other children at the new, beautiful

and very large OdySea Aquarium.


A recent visitor emailed me, saying:

"Your water exhibit was a hit! Our

kids spent more time there than at

any other part of OdySea Aquarium."

Tiffany C.

She then included the below picture: